About Erin

I am a giant food lover, living in downtown Portland with my husband Brice and our imaginary dogs Zippy (a basset hound) and Macaroni (a miniature labradoodle).


My really tall husband, Brice and myself (yes, he’s 6’5″ and I’m 5’2 – wearing really tall heels in this photo!)

I have always loved cooking, learning about food and indulging in as many delicious meals as possible. I inherited my mom’s sweet tooth and often day-dream about my next sugary or chocolatey treat, whether purchased at a great little bakery or homemade in my kitchen.

My love of baking started when I was fairly young. When I was about nine years old, my parents went out to dinner so I thought I would bake myself a treat – they came home to see a mess of cocoa powder and flour and a smiling child eagerly peering into the oven. My mom asked me what I was making, my response was “a chocolate su-full!” My mom paused and then questioned “honey, do you mean a soufflé? That is a hard dessert to make.”  Unbeknownst to me, not knowing French or much about cooking at that point in time, that was what I had attempted.  I can’t remember if it rose properly (most likely not) but I do remember it being delicious and having so much fun.


Feel free to contact me at erin@bakerybingo.com and follow along at Twitter/Instagram: @bakery_bingo.


Chocolate. Baking pies. Crossfit. Downhill skiing. Country music. Checklists. Crossing things off checklists. Strawberries. Duck Football. Traveling. Excel spreadsheets.


Open water. Super spicy food (I’m much better now after spending 3 months in Asia). Bad service. Being late (though I often am). Spontaneity (see above – I like having a plan!).

Personal Life: 

I grew up just outside of Portland on 10 acres in Sherwood. It wasn’t the total farm life but we did have lots of dogs, horses, chickens, cows, and the occasional donkey. I went to the University of Oregon down in Eugene and totally loved it, meeting some of the best friends I could ask for and even my future husband in a super nerdy finance group. We got married at a gorgeous Garden Vineyards on July 24, 2009 (time flies!). After renting downtown for 5+ years, we finally decided to make the Pearl District our semi-permanent home and purchased a beautiful condo in the Pinnacle. I love the area and being able to walk everywhere.

Work and Other Activities:

By day, I’m a full-time accountant working for Intel Corporation. I promise, accountants are much cooler and social than you think!

In my off-time, I’m basically doing anything and everything food related. Trying out new restaurants, baking for friends and coworkers, doing social media for Portland Culinary Alliance, working amazing summer dinners on the farm with Plate & Pitchfork, and writing this blog. If that wasn’t keeping me busy enough, I am also on the Board of Directors for an amazing local organization called Sauvie Island Center, which educates children about food, farming and the land. Clearly I think about food a lot.

Hanging with Eater's Hottest Chef, Pascal Sauton at a Plate & Pitchfork dinner in 2013

Hanging with Eater’s Hottest Chef, Pascal Sauton at a Plate & Pitchfork dinner in 2013

I hope you enjoy my blog and get inspired to try some of the phenomenal places we have here in Portland. Looking forward to sharing my love of sweets with you!