About Erin

Hello! My name is Erin and I am a giant food lover, living in downtown Portland with my husband Brice and our imaginary dogs Zippy (a basset hound) and Macaroni (a miniature labradoodle). I started this blog to share my love of sweets and all the phenomenal bakeries, restaurants, food events we have in Portland.

Angkor Wat

My love of sweets:

Thanks to my mom, I think I was born with a sweet tooth and love of baking. One night when I was about nine years old, my parents went out to dinner so I thought I would bake myself a treat – they came home to see a mess of cocoa powder and flour and a smiling child eagerly peering into the oven. My mom asked me what I was making, my response was “a chocolate su-full!” My mom paused and then questioned “honey, do you mean a soufflé? That is a hard dessert to make.”

Unbeknownst to me, not knowing French or much about cooking at that point in time, that was what I had attempted.  I can’t remember if it rose properly but I do remember it being delicious and having so much fun.

How Bakery Bingo got started:

In May 2011, Brice and I went on a visit to New York City and knowing my love of sweets, he suggested putting together a bakeries to visit and doing a “bakery crawl” during our trip.  Best idea ever!  Not only did we indulge on numerous tasty treats (see Bakery Crawl NYC), but it also inspired the beginning of Bakery Bingo. I figured if I can investigate all the best bakeries in NYC, why not do that in my hometown also! And so Bakery Bingo was born.


I’d love to chat! Drop me a line at erin@bakerybingo.com and follow along at Twitter/Instagram: @bakery_bingo.



Chocolate. Baking pies. Crossfit. Downhill skiing. Country music. Checklists. Crossing things off checklists. Strawberries. Duck Football. Traveling. Excel spreadsheets.


Open water. Bad service. Being late (though I often am). Spontaneity (see above – I like having a plan).

Work and Other Activities:

Full-time accountant for Intel. Program Chair for Portland Culinary Alliance. Treasurer for Sauvie Island Center, a local nonprofit which educates children about food, farming and the land.

Hanging with Eater's Hottest Chef, Pascal Sauton at a Plate & Pitchfork dinner in 2013

Hanging with Eater’s Hottest Chef, Pascal Sauton at a Plate & Pitchfork dinner in 2013