Bakery Crawl

What is a bakery crawl you ask?  Well it’s kind of like a pub crawl but it is all about desserts… First, you come up with a list of places you want to visit (or you can use my suggested locations below). Secondly, you travel to each location on your list and eat lots of great tasty treats along the way!

I’m now co-hosting a collaboration tour with Forktown Food ToursWe are hoping to host these quarterly, so check back for the next date!

Interested in doing your own bakery crawl?  Here are the steps:

1) Select a few Bakery Crawl stops based on your location or what you’re in the mood for (check out my Reviews page for help)

2) Create a Bakery Bingo board of what you’ve got to try at each stop

2) Visit the stops in the order suggested or in whatever suits you and your schedule

3) As you visit each stop and/or order that item, cross it off your Bakery Bingo board

4) Don’t forget to enjoy! Though I don’t know how that would be possible 🙂

*Check out the posts about my Collaboration Bakery Tour and my birthday bakery crawl for more inspiration