• Thursday Tours: Baby Friendly Spots

Thursday Tours: Baby Friendly Spots

It’s getting to be about that time in life. My friends are starting to have adorable little ones! While I have no doubt life changes quite a bit once a baby comes along, that doesn’t mean those new parents shouldn’t be able to go explore the Portland restaurant scene like the rest of us! So for this #ThursdayToursPDX edition, Meredith and I called on two lovely bloggers who recently had babies. Lindsay, who writes a beautiful blog called Rosemarried with gorgeous photos and recipes featuring seasonal, local produce, has the cutest little girl named Margot. (Seriously, don’t believe me? Check out her Instagram!)

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Breken Kitchen: Casual Chic Breakfast and Lunch

1800 NW 16th & Thurman • BrekenKitchen.com • 503.841.6359

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-5pm

Breken Kitchen - EM (4)

Once I stopped into Breken Kitchen for the first time last year, I quickly became obsessed. I was apparently late to the scene as this place opened up in 2010 but nonetheless, now that I have been there, I rarely want to go elsewhere.

I can often be found there at some point during the week. I love stopping in on a day off to grab a light breakfast and read a book in their Adirondack chairs out front. It is the perfect rendezvous spot for a lunch date with friends or parents. And it also is an excellent locale for working (or blogging!), with plenty of outlets and reliable WiFi.

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Adventures in Southern Oregon

Southern Oregon trip (9)

I got to spend a weekend with some of my very best friends from college a few weeks ago. Our group of 8 have stayed friends over a decade through moves around the country, relationships, one baby and more along the way. Six of us were miraculously able to get together for a weekend, which was the first time in we had spent more than an hour together in years.

It was so fun to catch up, reminisce about ridiculous stories from college and share new memories. We are still a loud, gossipy, sometimes obnoxious group of girls, but nonetheless, I wouldn’t trade them for anything! (Yes, we were in fact shushed and told to quiet down by an old man at a noisy breakfast place, whoops.)

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