• Coquine: Breakfast, Dinner, Cookies

Coquine: Breakfast, Dinner, Cookies

6839 SE Belmont St & SE 69th, Portland • CoquinePDX.com • @CoquinePDX

Cafe Hours: Daily 8am-2:30pm

Oh heyyy, turns out this little blog of mine has just hit 5 years! Holy cow.

Happy birthday, Blog!

That is pretty crazy. I started Bakery Bingo in 2011 as a somewhat impromptu decision while traveling through NYC on vacation, with the goal of sharing my favorite bakeries with the world. Things have changed a bit with a greater focus on restaurants (turns out I can’t just eat sweets all day every day, damn…) and food events in Portland. And things have certainly improved since my very first post about Saint Cupcake – my writing, the blog theme and my photography in particular.

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What to Do This Summer in PDX

One of my favorite aspects of Portland in the summertime is that everything seems to come alive. Everyone gets out for any occasion – dining alfresco, hiking, picnicking, aimlessly wandering around our beautiful city. There are so many events that happen during June to September, it’s hard to keep track or not have a rough case of FOMO while doing something else equally as fun. We really make sure to soak up the sun while it’s here.


Below are a few recommended events and activities that I’m looking forward to this summer. What’s on your list?

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Thursday Tours: BBQ

A few years ago before Memorial Day weekend, one of my coworkers who hailed from Texas asked me what I was up to for the long weekend. “Having a barbecue with some friends” I replied. She stared at me with a serious look and stated, “No, Erin, you are grilling. Barbecue is something different. I come from Texas, we take these things very seriously.” While she was somewhat kidding, I also knew I better get my words straight, as BBQ is serious for a lot of folks!

Thursday Tours BBQ

One of those die-hard fans is my husband. Brice has special love for Russell Street BBQ in North Portland. Since giving up meat, this isn’t my favorite cuisine to check out, but I do like their smoked tofu dish and who doesn’t love baked beans which they make both with meat or vegetarian-friendly. Last weekend however, I did get him to expand his BBQ horizons and try out Homegrown Smoker with me. In the food cart pod next to Prost, this place serves only vegan BBQ dishes (Brice is such a trooper). While some might say that is an oxymoron, I was a big fan of their tempeh “ribs” smothered in their homemade sauce.

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