• Sabbatical Update: Trip Highlights

Sabbatical Update: Trip Highlights

With Thanksgiving approaching and not being home or even in the US, I have spent the last few days feeling a little homesick. It seems a little silly to be missing home when I am currently sitting on a Thai beach enjoying a glass of wine and watching a beautiful sunset over the water. I mean, how can I be complaining about this?


But after being gone for 5 weeks so far with another 4 to go, I have been feeling nostalgic for ridiculous evenings out with my friends, long phone calls with my mom, my bed, and the Portland food scene (yes the food here has been good but keeping up on my Portland food reading makes me excited about all the places to eat when I get back). I also have been missing having a daily routine that includes working out and eating healthy on occasion, as well as not living out of a suitcase.

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Recipe: Chocolate Gingerbread

Happy almost Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy time with your friends and family, eat lots of good food, and have a relaxing long weekend.

Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday – a whole day of cooking, eating and spending time with friends and family? I can’t ask for more – so I’m a little bummed to have missed an American version. But I know I shouldn’t complain about spending time on a Thai beach instead!


Here is a photo from our elephant adventures. (Apologies for the not great quality – downloading from my camera to my phone to my iPad isn’t great for photo quality it turns out.) Not only are blog posts challenging with an iPad, I am also trying to enjoy time away from the computer but I hope to have a longer post soon about more of our adventures.  Stay tuned!

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Instagram Tips – Guest Post: Hummingbird High

After scouring the weather reports and trying to decide what we wanted to do post-Bangkok, Brice and I decided to head to northern Thailand for some lowkey pool time, trekking in the jungle and playing with elephants! We were also on the mission for cooler weather after the insane humidity of Bangkok – even at 11pm it would still be hot. (I know I shouldn’t complain after the “snowpocalypse” freakout in Portland!)


Delicious Panaeng Curry made during my cooking class at Sompong Thai Cooking School

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