• Instagram Tips – Guest Post: Hummingbird High

Instagram Tips – Guest Post: Hummingbird High

After scouring the weather reports and trying to decide what we wanted to do post-Bangkok, Brice and I decided to head to northern Thailand for some lowkey pool time, trekking in the jungle and playing with elephants! We were also on the mission for cooler weather after the insane humidity of Bangkok – even at 11pm it would still be hot. (I know I shouldn’t complain after the “snowpocalypse” freakout in Portland!)


Delicious Panaeng Curry made during my cooking class at Sompong Thai Cooking School

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Fleur de Lis Bakery

3930 NE Hancock St & 40th, Portland • fleurdelisbakery.com • 503.459.4887

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm; Sat & Sun 8am-3pm

I’ve had Fleur de Lis Bakery on my list for a while as I’ve enjoyed their baguettes at restaurants in town (I wish I could remember which ones). But ever since I went to Eb & Bean (read about that here!) where I got some incredible fro yo topped with some delicious cinnamon sugar donuts from Fleur de Lis, I was even more adamant about checking it out.


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Hello from Bangkok! We have been enjoying some downtime of sorts. We rented a condo via AirBnB and it has been really nice to do some cooking of our own, laundry, hit the gym. Basic, boring life type stuff that is needed after 4 weeks of travel. We have also enjoyed time exploring the city of Bangkok, eating a lot of great food (much more so than Phuket!) and taking a really fabulous cooking class (more on that soon).

I can’t believe we have another 5 weeks to go! We aren’t sure where we are off to next – maybe northern Thailand, maybe Laos, maybe Cambodia. I’ll keep you all posted!

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