• Love for Vietnam

Love for Vietnam

Oh Vietnam. You were such a dream. The incredible food. The beautiful scenery. The numerous cafes. The incessant honking. I loved it all.

Ho Chi Minh

The influence left over from the French colonialism is still extremely evident in the cuisine and cafe culture. Yet it has the craziness of any other Asian country. The combination makes for a fun, energizing country.


Here are a few of my highlights, observations and of course, favorite meals:


While there technically are traffic rules and stop lights, you almost wouldn’t believe it. There lacks a sort of “right of way” in Vietnam, at least what we would consider a right of way back in the States. Like if you are a pedestrian, typically cars and motorists watch out for you. Not in Vietnam. Plenty of times I was walking down the sidewalk and a motorbike would just cut me off to park right where I was walking. It isn’t that they are being rude, they just don’t consider your walking any more important than their driving.

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Holiday Sugar Cookies – Guest Post: The Paper Airplane

I cannot believe how fast time has flown by! It is mid-December, Christmas is quickly approaching, Hanukkah has started, and Brice and I are heading back to the States in just under two weeks. Crazy!

Despite it being almost 90 degrees outside in an area with very few Christians, there are still a lot of holiday decorations up and Christmas music playing where I’m at. I love feeling in the holiday spirit even when I’m on the other side of the world!

And it wouldn’t be the Christmas season without holiday cookies! You are in luck today because my dear friend Chloe is sharing a delicious Sugar Cookie recipe with you.

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500 Miles through Vietnam: Buffalo Run Recap

Well, we are off again! We are now on our way to Cambodia, to explore the historic Angkor Wat temples and get some more sunshine after the Vietnamese rain. While I have no doubt it will also be wonderful, I am definitely sad to be leaving Vietnam. We were only in Vietnam for 2 weeks, but we did so much and had so many amazing adventures. We made fantastic friends, ate delicious food and had some of the most fun of our whole trip.


After enjoying the buzz of city life in Hanoi, we took off on the “Buffalo Run” tour, with a group of 16 other travelers and one crazy Vietnamese guide on a journey to Hoi An in central Vietnam. In 7 days, we covered 500 miles by bus and motorbike; biking, trekking, swimming and exploring along the way.

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