• Thursday Tours: Galentine’s Day

Thursday Tours: Galentine’s Day

In preparation for February 14th, we are bringing you two Thursday Tours themed for celebrating love! Personally, I’ll be spending the day hitting the ski slopes in Bend with some of my favorite people. Why not share the love, am I right? Like why not celebrate with your favorite lady friend?!

Thursday Tours Galentine's

That’s why we are bringing you the Galentine’s Day edition of Thursday Tours! We’ve got the darling Alexa Darrow of Little Green Pickle PR firm to share her faves. Alexa is awesome fun and while she’s only been in Portland for about a year, she knows fantastic places to good all over town for meals or drinks. She offers you a day of assured fun – from brunch to beers to dinner to late night shenanigans. Now that sounds like a good Valentine’s!

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Spicy Cocoa Nib Crackers with Theo Chocolate {Recipe}

Do you have any Valentine’s Day rituals or traditions? Remember the days of yonder in elementary school, getting those cheesy cards delivered in class? Or gifting out those chalky Sweethearts candies with little notes on them? (Did anyone ever actually like the taste of those candies?!) At home, my mom would give my brother and me a little present every year for Valentine’s Day. Once, it was a cute stuffed animal gorilla holding a sign that said “I love you.” It is one of those gestures that is so small yet clearly had a profound appreciation for holding in my memory for so many years.

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Lucky Rabbit Granola

If you’ve been following me on the ‘gram, you’ve seen I was fulfilling my lifelong dream of going to Harry Potter World. It was AMAZING! Seriously. The best. Plus just acting like kids at Universal Studios and Disney World, taking a week off to enjoy some sunshine and warm weather was equally great.


And now here we are getting back into the swing of things post-vacation, which is always a little challenging. Waking up early? Going to work? Grocery shopping? Ugh, that all take a lot of energy. And those people who do all their cooking for the week on Sundays?! How do people do that? But really… I love cooking but apparently I’m also real lazy because that sounds like too much work…

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