• Thursday Tours: Date Night Dinner Out

Thursday Tours: Date Night Dinner Out

I’m really excited to bring you a new edition of the Thursday Tours blogger series I am doing with Meredith of Martha Chartreuse. In case you missed the last one (if so, go check it out!), we are doing a regular series where we interview other bloggers and tastemakers to get their favorite spots in Portland.

datenight badge

This edition is all about the date night dinner out. Whether you’re off for a night on the town with your spouse of many years, the dude you met on Tinder a few weeks ago, or your best friend (because friend dates are a must), date nights are a great thing. And of course, the venue can make all the difference.

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Eating My Way Thru Atlanta

I traveled a few weekends ago a ways across the country over to Atlanta, to visit one of my longest friends, Laura. She is soon turning the big 3-0 so her sister, one of our other good friends and I thought a big celebration was in order. Since she lives in Georgia and we hadn’t gone to visit her yet, we thought seeing her home turf was a perfect fit.

Atlanta (65)

My three companions for the weekend and for life – Annie, the birthday girl Laura and Jill. #roadponies

As I was the primary tour planner, of course most of those involved food. Atlanta has an awesome food scene, so I was eager to explore what it had to offer.

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#DrinkTank: Exclusive Sneak Peak to a 2015 Feast Event!

Tickets and the full scheduled for this September’s Feast will be available tomorrow! Yippee! As I’ve mentioned before, make sure you block your calendar if you haven’t already!

Feast - Glasses 2

Photo credit: Feast Portland

While the big marquee nighttime events like Sandwich Invitational are a lot of fun, being a total food nerd, I also really love the daytime events like hands-on classes and tasting panels. Why not learn something in between all the eating and drinking?!

Feast reached out to me to share a sneak peak at one of their upcoming events! This year, Feast is kicking off a new tasting panel, Drink Tank Presented by Imbibe, where local and national beverage industry experts will guide an intimate group of attendees through a tasting of premium beverages. Feast panelists will share their extensive knowledge along with a few good stories as they explore new trends in the wine, beer and cocktail world.

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