• Recent Life in Photos

Recent Life in Photos

Exciting news, friends! (Well, at least to me it is exciting.) I have finally taken the photography plunge and gotten myself off “Auto.”

Ok, over the year plus that I’ve had a DSLR, I’ve played around with the Manual settings. But very honestly, it often ended poorly. I would be frustrated and confused, staring at a photo that I thought would be great and it turned out was not so much.

Now with the help of an awesome instructor/tutor who I found – and highly recommend! – I have finally made some progress. The road to better photos has been fun, challenging and at times expensive (I always seem to pick up expensive hobbies…)!

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It’s Baaaaaack! Portland Dining Month 2015

Ok guys, seriously, how is it almost March already? The past few months since I’ve returned from Asia have been kind of a whirlwind. After close to 10 weeks out of the country and off work, I get asked a lot “how are you adjusting back to normal life?” I laughed that perhaps the recipe for getting back “into the swing of things” is a 1:1 ratio of time gone to time back.

That means I am nearly approaching the mark where I’m feeling settled at home not packing and unpacking every few days, back into the work mindset, and rockin’ and rollin’ with day to day life. My theory, while a joke at first, has seemed plausible.

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Get Your Tea On: Tea Bar

1615 NE Killingsworth & 16th • teabarpdx.com • 503.477.4676

Hours: Daily 8am-8pm

I’ve never been much of a coffee fan. Despite not enjoying the taste, I weirdly have always loved the smell of freshly ground coffee though. And I also love the idea of coffee. Like a large mug of a warm beverage with frothy milk poured into a fun design? That sounds so nice. Especially on a chilly day. But then I take a sip, and no thanks, not for me.

Tea Bar (16)

But tea on the other hand is much more my thing, whether it is an herbal by itself, a black tea mixed with a little cream and light on the sugar just the way I learned to enjoy it years ago in Ireland, or a full-on tea latte where the steeped tea is mixed with some steamed milk.

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