• 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Thanksgiving week everybody! (In my mind I’m saying it like Matt Bellasi of Whine About It. Are you as in love with that short “TV show” as I am? That guy is hilarious. If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and spend an hour catching up. Your Monday will thank you.)

2015 Holiday Gift Guidefrom Bakery Bingo

Anyways! The holidays are quickly approaching. Have you gotten your presents figured out yet? I can’t say I have. I’m not particularly skilled at getting presents, except for maybe my mom who also loves cooking and kitchen gadgets. Basically if I would like it, I know she would also.

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No Cooking Necessary: Stella’s Kitchen

StellasKitchenCo.com • @StellasKitchenCo

The other day, after our dishwasher bit the dust (ugh, who knew dishwashers were so expensive?!), my husband and I were having a conversation of household duties. Brice somewhat awkwardly said “I know you say you do, but I just want to check, you actually like making dinner, right?” I laughed, we’ve been together for so long now, I figured he would of course know I love to cook. But truth of the matter is, some days cooking is just not in the cards. With working in Hillsboro and hitting the gym in the evenings, starting to make dinner at 8pm doesn’t often sound appealing.

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Thursday Tours: Markets + Makers

The holidays are almost here! For me, I absolutely love Thanksgiving. My family never did anything big for other holidays but Thanksgiving was always the day of cooking, eating and celebrating, what’s not to like about that?! This year, I’ll be stuffing my face at my parents’ house in Sherwood with a handful of family members and lots of good friends. Traditional cornbread stuffing, chocolate bourbon pecan pie and Thanksgiving trivia games are on my list of things to bring. What is your plan?

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