• Healthy Eats in the Rose City

Healthy Eats in the Rose City

So here we are, almost one month into 2015. How are those resolutions going? Sticking with them?

While I never set a true resolution of a diet, like nearly every other person in the world, I certainly was hoping January would be a time for healthier eating. Especially after my 9+ weeks on sabbatical, where I spent most of my time eating and drinking too much, I’m trying to get “back on the wagon!”

But let me tell you, it’s really hard in this city. There are just so many good restaurants. How can you say no to friends wanting to catch up while enjoying brunch at Beast? Or fro yo at Eb & Bean? Or trying a new restaurant like The American Local? Too many good things to eat here!

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Cambodian Fish Amok Curry

Well, I can fully admit that getting back into the swing of things after 70+ days of vacation is difficult. I have enjoyed some time with friends and family, getting back to my Crossfit gym, eating healthier (sadly, the whole vacation diet of drinking wine with lunch and eating ice cream every day just doesn’t work in the real world…) and not living out of a suitcase.

Angkor Wat

But getting back into my normal routine of reading the news, checking emails, and even writing blog posts has been a little slow on the uptake. So my apologies for leaving you stranded in the new year!

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Hello, Two Thousand Fifteen

So crazy to think that not only are we finally back from our trip, but it is also 2015! Wow, time really flies.

I feel lucky to say that 2014 was a great year. Sure, like always, there were some pain points along the way. But overall, it was a wonderful year!


Travel  - I’m sure this part goes without saying. Brice and I had such an incredible experience traveling through Asia. I feel so lucky to have had that opportunity.

Friendships – I made some amazing new friends this year and feel so blessed to have sustained my lifelong friends as well.

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