• Summer Cruisin’ in a Hot Air Balloon

Summer Cruisin’ in a Hot Air Balloon

Balloon Ride   8-14 (21)

So yes, about 95% of my life is based around food. Either eating or drinking at that moment, watching cooking shows, reading about chefs and cuisine, or just generally daydreaming about my next meal. But there is that 5% where I promise I am doing something that doesn’t involve food. (Full disclosure: I might be an accountant which makes people think I’m good at math, but those numbers are just a rough estimate :) )

One of those times recently was a few weeks ago when I took my dad on a hot air balloon ride!

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One of America’s Top 10 Best New Restaurants: Maurice

A HUGE congratulations are going out to Kristen Murray, head pastry chef/owner of Maurice! Her adorable luncheonette in the West End was recently named as one of Bon Appétit‘s Hot 10 List. This list is comprised of the ten best new restaurants in the country!

Maurice (18)b

The full list and an excerpt of the press release from Bon Appétit are included below for your perusal.

I absolutely love Maurice (check out my prior post to read more about it!) and think this award is so well deserved. The staff is warm and welcoming, the space is charming, and the food is gorgeous without being pretentious, and most importantly incredibly delicious and flawless in the execution.

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One Month Countdown Till Feast!

Insane ice cream sandwich from Ruby Jewel at last year's Sandwich Invitational

Insane ice cream sandwich from Ruby Jewel at last year’s Sandwich Invitational

So, September is only two weeks away. I’m not going to lie, it makes me a little sad as summers in Oregon are so great. The beautiful weather, friends coming to town, fun picnics, weddings, and festivals nearly every day of the week. It’s busy and at times chaotic juggling everything, but it’s always wonderful enjoying the Oregon sunshine. So with autumn just around the corner, I am usually a smidge fretful that I haven’t enjoyed summer to the fullest. But that is another reason the ninth month of the year is so nice, it’s the perfect transition month from summer to fall, with still nice weather and packed with great events.

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