Mini Sizes, Big Flavor: Two Tarts Bakery

2309 NW Kearney & 23rd Ave • 503.312.9522 •

Over the years, I’ve realized I’m a stereotypical woman and really think miniature items are adorable (maybe it’s also because I’m only 5’1″ and it makes me feel better) – little baby gym shoes, miniature labradoodles, mini kitchen gadgets (like the mini Cuisinart Food Prep or a mini whisk).  And yes, I definitely love mini desserts (because then I can either feel less guilty or the better option of sampling more flavors)!  Luckily for me, just up the street a little ways is Two Tarts Bakery in NW Portland, which is seriously mini cookie heaven. 

Two Tarts just sells mini cookies and bars (no giant cookies the size of your head found here).  Instead you’ll find an awesome variety of mini lemon bars, whoopie pies, brownies, French macarons, and Marionberry Linzers, just to name a few.  Treats were only $0.80 each, which is a great deal especially in a part of town that can sometimes be a little pricey.  My friend Alyssa and I got a few different options to share (her favorite way to approach any meal, which I certainly appreciate and agree with!).  Everything we had was really delicious, had great flavor, and was very clearly freshly baked. 

Salty, chocolately Fleur-de-Sel cookie

In fact, I could tell everything was freshly baked since I was able to watch one of the bakers making more cookies while we ordered!  The majority of the fun bakery and retail space was taken up by the open kitchen, so you could watch the bakers in action.  Matching their desserts, the space otherwise is pretty mini but they do well with the space, with a few tables inside, a cute kids’ table with chalkboard, the display case with their beautiful offerings, and lots of fun Two Tarts t-shirts.

In case you are thirsty, they also have pretty delicious tea and coffee.  I don’t drink coffee, but per Alyssa, the iced coffee was delicious, not bitter at all, needing no sweetener. 

While it is fairly well-known in the Portland area for having great quality cookies, Two Tarts seems like a hidden gem with its small retail location and super friendly staff (which is sadly somewhat unusual at bigger bakeries).  Whether you want to bring someone a great gift of mini cookies, or just pick yourself up a treat for the day, Two Tarts is a great choice!

What to Get:

  • Fleur-de-Sel Chocolate Chip Cookie: This is a great little cookie, but they aren’t kidding around with the salt.  The high-quality dark chocolate is really complemented by the fleur de sel sea salt, which gives this classic chocolate chip cookie quite the kick.  But definitely be aware if you are bringing little kids that this is a much better option for adults.  One young child next to us exclaimed “this is gross!” to her mom, so I don’t really think most kids’ palates are really up to all the salt yet.
  • Lemon Bar: You can definitely tell they use fresh lemons for the delicious tart lemon curd filling this bar.  The bottom layer of the bar also utilizes lemons to make a crispy lemon shortbread with great texture. 
  • Pecan Tessie: It’s like a mini-pecan pie, so really, how could this go wrong?!  Sweet and flavorful, this miniature pie really hits the spot.

Other Facts:

  • Hours: Tues-Sat: 10:30am – 6pm; Sun: noon-5pm
  • Baking Classes: Two Tarts offers baking classes!  Private classes only during the summer months, but January to April they offer 90+ minute hands-on classes for only $25 (that’s quite a steal!).  I haven’t been yet, but you betcha I’ll be there come January!
  • Monthly Cookies by Mail: With their “Sweet” program,  you can get fresh cookies sent to you via the mail. Each month, you (or your lucky friend/colleague/family member/etc) will get 2-dozen Two Tarts cookies sent straight to your door.  Plus you’ll even get the recipe!  It’s only $24 per month, so just a $1 a cookie including shipping.  It’s technically so out-of-towners can enjoy Two Tarts but if you are a Portlander who just can’t make it to 23rd as much as you’d like, they will happily ship it to you as well.

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